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milk_shake Colour Maintainer Conditioner 300ml

milk_shake Colour Maintainer Conditioner 300ml




Indulge in the exquisite care provided by milk_shake Colour Maintainer Conditioner 300ml, a nourishing, protective, and detangling conditioner crafted specifically for color-treated hair.

Immerse yourself in the remarkable benefits of this conditioner, which features a blend enriched with milk proteins, renowned for their conditioning and restructuring properties. Witness the transformative power of the exclusive ingredient Integrity 41®, specially formulated to enhance color stability, resulting in lustrous, radiant locks. Experience the moisture infusion that delicately envelops color-treated hair, leaving it revitalized, healthy, and overflowing with vitality.

The key benefits and features of milk_shake Colour Maintainer Conditioner 300ml include:

Hydrating, protective, and detangling formula designed for color-treated hair: Embrace the luxurious treatment that hydrates, shields, and effortlessly detangles your prized color-treated tresses.

Milk proteins for conditioning and restructuring: Delight in the nourishing embrace of milk proteins, meticulously selected for their ability to condition and restructure your hair, promoting its overall health and strength.

Exclusive ingredient Integrity 41® enhances color stability: Experience the exceptional influence of Integrity 41® as it elevates the longevity and vibrancy of your hair color, ensuring it remains captivating and brilliant.

Softness and shine: Revel in the breathtaking results as milk_shake Colour Maintainer Conditioner 300ml leaves your hair irresistibly soft, imbued with a radiant, mirror-like shine.

Strengthening of hair's internal structure: Witness the reinforced internal structure of your hair, bolstering its resilience, increasing manageability, and reducing the risk of breakage.

Embrace the opulence and care offered by milk_shake Colour Maintainer Conditioner 300ml, designed to lavishly nourish, protect, and enhance your color-treated hair, transforming it into a stunning testament of beauty, vitality, and lasting radiance.

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