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milk_shake Moisture Plus Conditioner 250ml

milk_shake Moisture Plus Conditioner 250ml




Introducing the milk_shake Moisture Plus Conditioner 250ml, a nourishing conditioner designed to imbue dry hair with a newfound softness and manageability, all while preserving its optimal moisture equilibrium.

This gentle conditioner is enriched with a harmonious blend of organic papaya extract, Integrity 41®, and hyaluronic acid, which collectively work to deliver an anti-aging effect while safeguarding the vibrancy of your hair color. With its meticulously curated formulation, this conditioner is perfectly suited for individuals with dry hair seeking to maintain a harmonious moisture balance, resulting in hair that feels luxuriously soft and effortlessly manageable.

Key Benefits and Features of milk_shake Moisture Plus Conditioner 250ml:

Softness and manageability: This conditioner lavishes dry hair with an infusion of softness and manageability, transforming it into tresses that are supple, silky, and easy to style.

Optimal moisture balance: By leveraging its unique composition, the conditioner diligently maintains the hair's optimal moisture balance, ensuring it remains hydrated and revitalized.

Organic papaya extract, Integrity 41®, and hyaluronic acid: The presence of these remarkable ingredients not only contributes to the anti-aging properties of the conditioner but also acts as a protective shield for your hair color, preserving its vibrancy and longevity.

Elevate your hair care experience with milk_shake Moisture Plus Conditioner 250ml, and bask in the transformative effects that unfold as your dry hair is enveloped in a veil of nourishment, resulting in locks that are luxuriously soft, exquisitely manageable, and bathed in the enduring radiance of its color.

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